Sporting the Colors

The Giants are in the World Series! Looks like I’ll have to “represent” on our travels across the country. We’ll be in Los Angeles for the first two games. I imagine most of those poor, sad folks will be following the Lakers or something. Is it time for that yet? Wait—it’s football. Guess they’ll be watching the Rams. Who play in St. Louis, right? What do Dodgers fans do this time of year? Beach volleyball? I’m not one for schadenfreude, really, just had to get in a little dig. I appreciate good baseball fans even if they root for teams I dislike. I figure being a baseball fan is a mark of quality and who you root for is mostly an accident of geography or upbringing. Speaking of geography, our train will cross Kansas in the wee hours and actually stop in Kansas City, Missouri at sunrise on Saturday morning, the 25th. Game Three in San Francisco is Friday night and we’ll be heading into hostile country! Should be fun. We’ll be in Chicago for Games Four and Five—I reckon there’ll be lots of sports bars. Anybody know a good one? If the Series goes to Game Six we’ll once again be on a train, this time crossing Pennsylvania, and if there’s a Game Seven it will be the night we arrive in Philadelphia. Tell me a good spot to watch the game!

I’ve traveled a lot in the summer and followed the Giants while on the road, but I’ve never been out of town for October baseball. It’s going to be a little strange. I’ll be posting to my baseball blog ( as well so you can follow along if you’re a fan. I’ll be sporting my orange-and-black on the journey, of course. Looking forward to talking baseball with strangers on a train and watching games in exciting new places!

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