Philadelphia and NoirCon

We are finally settled in and not sleep-deprived. The Giants won the World Series a little before midnight Eastern time, that is, all the hype died down enough to actually get some sleep by then. We were exhausted after the tense game and the 20-plus hour train/bus adventure. Today we are refreshed, coffee’d and breakfasted, and catching up on mundane tasks like laundry. Hard to be on the road for over a week and not need some fresh underwear and socks! Finally we get to start our NoirCon experience. If you don’t know what I mean by “noir” then click the tab on my web page that says “What is Noir?” and find out. This afternoon we head to the University District for a film (“The Prowler”) at the International House hosted by a man they call the Czar of Noir, San Francisco’s Eddie Muller. See, say “noir” so it rhymes with “czar.” We hope to walk to the event but we don’t know the city so we’ll find out what’s what before we go. Then there is an evening program just a couple of blocks from here at the Museum of Contemporary Art. You can check out the schedule here. I will be posting to this site of course and also contributing to the Out of the Gutter Online website about the events over the next few days. I’ll put up some pictures as well. Naturally we will be sporting the orange-and-black for our boys. Perfect for Hallowe’en, too!

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