Real People. Not Actors.

Chevy ran a pickup ad during the All-Star Game last night that featured a bunch of jamokes checkin’ out the latest cool ride. They oohed and aahed over a cheesy electric tailgate and then a bunch of rocks fell from the sky and landed in the cargo bed.

And then we are informed that these are “real people” and “not actors.”

Well I say they are a bunch of scabs. They didn’t do that shit for free, they got some kind of renumeration, even if it is just “I’m on TV” bragging rights. So since they aren’t actors that means the company brought in scabs to film the commercial. Actors are real. They have unions and everything.

Either that or the company is a bunch of cheap motherfuckers who don’t have the decency to pay people who do work for them. Actors are hired. They don’t just show up.

Yeah, like I want to buy products from that outfit.

In troubled times it is worth remembering that “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”

3 thoughts on “Real People. Not Actors.

  1. You’re not the first to notice this. From Jalopnik: …”Chevy has doubled down on this horrible, stagey and cringe-crazy advertising campaign, despite everyone hating it.” They have been running these ads constantly on Giants games and every other sporting event for a couple of years. My reaction is always, “well that looks just like a Chevy, the company who hasn’t come out with an attractive design for a car in at least a generation and a half.” If you want some fun, see these:


    • Yeah those have been getting under my skin for some time and I finally just had enough. I suppose it was that thoroughly wretched ASG broadcast that set me off. They worked really hard to make the game unwatchable, and it was a decent game overall. It’s getting to the point where I just want to see the computer screen tell me “in play, double, Belt scores” and nothing else. I can’t listen any more to those babbling douchebags, and the camera work is frankly lousy, not to mention all the “meaningful” closeups of stern-looking fellows, etc. etc. A TV ballgame is NOT a ballgame. It is a TV show with a ballgame in the background.


  2. As is my usual practice, I pay no attention whatsoever to the ASG. To me, it is 3 days without baseball. I did note in about 2 seconds on the most recent Fox telecast that was not on the Giants network that the camera work was vastly inferior to NBCSNBA (or whatever it is). Those parodies, though, make me laugh.


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