The brewery gets an upgrade: a new stainless steel propane-powered burner from Blichmann Engineering. I always covet new things for my hobby but this time I really needed an upgrade. My old Camp Chef served me well for many years but was on its last legs.

Speaking of legs, the burner pictured sits on the floor and you have to purchase separately the leg extensions. So I did. They shipped the burner in one box and the extensions in another, but only two legs arrived. You need four. Fortunately the good folks at William’s Brewing took care of it, like they always do, and I got my package of four legs today. I now have two extra leg extensions and four little legs! I’m sure I’ll find some use for them—they are stainless steel, after all.

My first impressions of Hellfire are favorable. It looks great. Bright and shiny and sleek. Manly, too. Very manly. Pumps out 140,000 BTUs! I doubt I’ll ever set it to full blast, probably never get past half-power, but I dig it. And the name! Who can resist HELLFIRE?

I suppose this will lead me down some dark path where I brew satanic beer that comes with its own Cannibal Corpse soundtrack. Blood will be the signature ingredient and virgins will have to be sacrificed.

Or, I can just continue to make the usual stuff but brag about my fabulous new burner.

Say it with me now:




2 thoughts on “Hellfire!

  1. Very cool. I’ll have to make reservations to come visit for the sacrifice of Virgins and drink the first batch of beer from your HELLFIRE!!!


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