Water, water, everywhere?


What’s the best website? That’s easy. It’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, known to its fans as APOD. They have something new every morning and I never fail to be amazed, inspired, or overwhelmed.

The above image was yesterday’s post. The source was Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, a private, non-profit research facility located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

There isn’t much water on earth. And there is even less fresh water! Now, there may be incalculable amounts of water trapped in the rocks of the earth’s interior, but that’s not really helpful. At least not right now. (Check out Stephen Baxter’s novels Flood and Ark for more on that topic.)

Right now we need to view our water supply as fixed. We aren’t going to get any more “new” water into the system. What we got is what we got so we oughta take better care of it!

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